Monday, September 15, 2008

NC State Football Game

My husband and I both graduated from North Carolina State University Thus, our blood is not only RED, but also WHITE. You could say we are die hard fans, and enjoy every game, even when we loose. In fact, we have a whole game day tradition laid out that we have followed with our friends for the past 7 years.

And so, we carried on the tradition by taking our boys to the first home football game. It was a proud moment for us and I especially loved dressing the guys in their NCSU gear. Even if the kid outfits were way too expensive, the fun of seeing them dressed out in our school logo was worth it. For Bill there was an even greater joy: This year he has his truck, and so we got to REALLY tailgate before the game! Apparently driving a truck through some mud is a guy dream come true...who knew?

Little Dude LOVED the game, and we are still very close to the field with our new, super great seats, so I am loving it too! Little Dude was so cute in mimicking everything Bill did and in true Bill fashion, he cheered and yelled so loud he lost his voice in the second quarter. And there are bathrooms and concessions right behind our area, so there is no long distance running to the bathroom for Little Dude-we might still be running, but at least it won't be far. The best thing about our seats? Having actual seats with cup holders-no more drinks getting kicked down on top of us like last season AND I can keep Little Dude and JR from running around on bleachers...super awesome.

Anyways, here are some great pictures from the game, and we will be flying back and forth from Mobile, AL to Raleigh, NC for as many of the games as we can.

Because, you know, we have to be there for our team...they'll lose for sure if we don't eat Bojangles before the game and fill the stands! And honestly, I can't mess with superstition guys.

Our Team coming out from the tunnel; the view from my seat
Little Dude with his football, ready to head to Carter Finley Stadium
The NCSU gosh they were beautiful playing the national anthem
The Marching Band. I was in the marching band and played the mellophone (a marching french horn) back in my college days
Though Little Dude has his own seat, he wanted to sit in my lap near the end of the game
Our friends moved their seats along with us, and now sit behind our row: Joe, Andrea, and Big Dave
The Football Center
Our friend Cat
Bill and some of the guys
Little Dude loving his cookie
Me, JR and my sling. I'm so glad I have it, because sometimes JR wants to lay down, and others he wants to be upright-the ring sling is perfect for changing positions for him-and for covered, discreet nursing. (In the background is our friend Joey, and you can see Cat's ponytail.)
My happy little JR and his cute outfit.
I love this picture, even though it is a little dark. JR looking over Bill's shoulder.


Andrea said...

I think I fall in love more and more every time I see a picture of Jr. He's so sweet!

I am so glad you guys have this football tradition. Your boys are going to have such a happy childhood!

Caitlin said...

Miche, you need to stop posting cute children pictures, I'm getting a baby itch looking at them! Haha.

I was on the shot years ago, but have since quit..however, my coffee intake has drastically increased in graduate school. If getting that inch back means I have to quit my caffine..well...I'm going to be getting my PhD at the grand hight of 4 feet :)