Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gone to See the Docter

No, none of us are sick, finally! But, since we are now a plane ride OR over 15 hours in the car away from our pediatrician, I decided it was a good idea to find one down here. So, today, I am armed with directions from Google, and ready to go find our new doctor for our new patients checkup. One thing I already love about our new doctor? They are going to see both kids in one visit-so one co pay! Oh I am so happy!

I am really nervous about driving across town-I have to find the highway, and get off in a new area of Mobile I have never been to before. My luck so far with driving down here has not been so good; I keep getting lost. But, I am giving myself plenty of time and have nothing else planned this morning. And I have my survival box freshly packed with food. Now if I can just get there without getting lost........

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Caitlin said...

Good luck getting the boys to the doctor Miche! You guys should totally get a Tom Tom....I hated John's at first, but now I won't do long distance trips without it :)