Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing with HTML

No, HTML is not a kid or a kid product, it is HyperText Markup Language, the language my web page uses! And at my job for Dakno, I have been learning a lot about it, so I got bold enough to start messing around with the HTML of my site! I am using a simple blogger template, I think it was : Minima Lefty.

Awhile ago I added another side bar so I could put different buttons and such, which I think looks pretty good! I now have a review blog that I did the same changes on and I think I did an even better job this time! (Keep a look out for some great products to get reviewed soon) I also created my own header and "buttons" by expanding upon what my bother in law John had shown me with my first "blog button". I made them a little big, I think, so if I find a moment I might mess around with shrinking them down a little, but overall, I am quite happy with them!

And while at it I went ahead and updated the header and button for my blog to include JR, since the previous header and such still had me pregnant.

Oh I am so proud. It took forever, but I got it, and I think from here on out I can update and change my look a little here and there much more quickly and more easily. And best of all?

It was free. Oh I am so frugal, yay!

Now, I am off to see what my toddler is getting into, because it has gotten very quiet, and all of us moms know that quiet, for some odd reason, is NEVER good.

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Karen said...

Oh Michelle! Ben (I keep wanting to call him Jake for some reason, it's weird) is getting sooooooo big and I can't wait to see him again. Any idea what game you'll be in town for soon? I hope it is SOON because I would love to get to hang out with that baby again! I really enjoyed holding him that one night at your house, but I'm sure he's much much bigger than that now!