Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Large Drink of Happiness

This past weekend we went to Gulf Shores, Fl to enjoy the beach. Hurricane Ike almost kept us home, but lucky for usw e only ended up with some rain. We had such an amazing time, and my wonderful, sweet hubby took JR duty so Little Dude and I could spend a few hours alone playing in the sand, pools, beach, and just hanging out. And gosh, for a few hours I just drank up my little boy, knowing that moments like this will be fewer and fewer as JR gets older.

But that's OK, because though my little dude still needs me and loved the one on one time, I also know he loves sharing Bill and me with JR. As we started to get in the elevator to go back to our condo, Little Dude's sweet little voice said :

"See baby! My baby!"

Over and over. And as soon as we got back he ran to "his baby" to say "Hi, baby!" and to Bill to show off his seashells. He insisted JR touch one and got so excited as JR smiled back.

His sweetness to JR fills me with so much joy, my cup is running over and I just want to drink forever.
Little Dude, sharing his precious red puppy toy with JR
Little Dude helping me give JR a bath.

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