Friday, September 5, 2008

Look! It's me!!

OHHHHHH guys!!! I am a featured blog on!! I am so excited!

I also got my flip camera in the mail today! Good thing too, I was worried it wouldn't come before we had to go back to Mobile, AL on Sunday. Anyways, I am going to start doing some Vlogging for!!

I am crazy nervous about it, as I have never been a particularly good public speaker, but as least I can erase and start over, right?? I can't believe I got chosen as someone that has some baby knowledge to share-and I truly hope I can share some good info with all the new mommies and daddies out there!

I was thinking of doing my first vlog about discipline and how we do it with Little Dude. But watch, I am sure that as i am explaining how well our discipline tactics are working Little Dude will be drawing on the walls in the background.....

In any case, I will be working on it next week and hopefully have a good one to upload by next Friday. And don't worry, I will be letting all you guys know when I become a "published vlogger". Whooo hoo!


Kelsey said...

That is AWESOME Miche!!! Make sure to tell us when your first vlog is!

curdiemer said...


I would love to see a video about discipline while a toddler draws on the walls in the background...that might actually win you some money on America's funniest home videos.