Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finding Other Stay At Home Parents

I am a Work From Home Mommy for Dakno Marketing, with the joy of only working when I feel like it and when it fits in my schduel. With that though, I also still miss out on a lot of the common work place interaction because all my work is done over the internet on web sites, and through email. Rarely do I talk to anyone in person, let alone see anyone in person!

Also, to top it off, since Little Dude was born I have moved to Oak Ridge, TN, Back to Raleigh, NC, and now to Mobile, AL. So it has been imperative for me to find play groups to join, as I have not been a Stay at Home mom in any one place long enough to just simply meet other moms on my own.

So, I now share with you a list of the best sources (that I have found) for finding mommy and parenting groups in different areas, in no particular order.

Moms Meetup
Moms Offering Moms Support Club
Mothers Of PreSchoolers Club
Cafe Mom
Work At Home Moms Club
Work At Home Moms
Mom to Mom Connection
Modern Moms Group

And an entire map of Stay At Home/Work From Home Dad Groups: (click on the pin to see the individual groups web address)

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