Monday, September 1, 2008

I have found my jogger...

I am so excited! Thanks to some help from Mark Salina and Christine Kambourakis, I now know what type of double jogging stroller I am going to get:
The Schwinn Free Wheeler AL Double Stroller

It is in my price range-less than $350.00-and has the features I need like adjustable handle bar for my shortness, convenient to reach place for a water bottle, and a swivel wheel for nice walks that can transform into a fixed wheel for wooded terrain, jogging or serious running (you really can't call what I do running,it's more of a bouncing walk, but you never know running with this might get me in shape...)

Here is what the review says:

The double model of the Free Wheeler AL, the Schwinn Free Wheeler AL Double Stroller takes walking with children from city streets to trail with ease thanks to a 12" swivel front wheel and 16" rear wheels. The swivel wheel locks in place with relative ease, allowing you to jog lightly or negotiate bumpy paths. The lightweight aluminum frame folds compactly for travel.

The Schwinn Free Wheeler AL Double is for parents of two children who intend their stroller to work for all situations – walks, the park, or the mall. More serious runners should consider a stroller with a larger 16" fixed front wheel.

Schwinn has thought of the effort pushing a stroller requires, and included a 12" front swivel wheel for easy maneuvering. A rear suspension system ensures a comfortable ride for baby, and smooth pushing for mom and dad. Take the Free Wheeler AL anywhere thanks to the easy-folding design, and put all your odds and ends in the extra large storage basket. The included zip-out weather shield makes this stroller good-to-go, rain or shine.

Take this stroller anywhere, from city stroll to country walk – the lightweight aluminum frame folds quickly for storage in closet or trunk. While jogging, keep everything you need nearby on the parent tray, and store everything else in the underseat basket. A parking brake keeps the stroller in place on slopes.

Moms and their taller spouses push the Schwinn Free Wheeler AL Double in comfort thanks to the adjustable height handle. The foam covered handle reduces pressure on hands while cell phones and snacks stay close at hand on the parent tray.


* 5-point harness offers a safe and secure ride
* Parking brake
* ASTM Certified

Neither rain nor sun shall keep baby from their daily ride thanks to the generous canopy and weather shield. Children sit comfortably on long and short rides thanks to the cushy seats, and they may just fall asleep with the seats reclined.

No matter a trail's conditions, the rear suspension system ensures a smooth comfortable ride every time, while generously proportioned wheels smoothly negotiate corners and bumps. Children feel secure bundled in the 5-point harness, and can nap in the reclining seat.

For similar comfort and convenience, but with a 16" fixed front wheel more suitable for serious joggers, read our review of the Schwinn Free Runner 2 ST.

Now that I know which double jogger best suits my needs (thanks, guys for the recommendations!) I am ready to find it at a bargain price! Let the hunt begin...

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Kelsey said...

Oh wow your making me want one!