Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh Man

As a way to try to avoid cursing now that my Little Dude is a little copy cat for EVERYTHING we do, my husband and I have been trying to say other things instead. Like: Oh Man, and DARN.

So, yesterday, when I came out of JR's Room from diaper changing time and realized that Little Dude had climbed up onto the table to get at some leftover spaghetti (from lunch), all I could do was laugh, say OH MAN and grab my new Flip Camera, complements of

Here is the sweet smile that greeted me as I came out to the kitchen, and the sweet voice that copied me as I said "OH MAN" to the all over spaghetti mess, missing shoe, missing pants, and runny nose of my sweet little boy. And you guys get to enjoy the huge ham he is whenever a camera comes out...can you tell I take a lot of pictures? Say Cheese!

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