Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pictures from Little Dude's Party

Now that I have finally gotten my camera cord down to Mobile, I can share birthday pictures with everyone! My Little Dude at his second birthday party:

You can see the pure joy Little Dude is having-seeing him so happy made all the water mess so worth it and actually enjoyable to clean up. He had SO much fun and I am so glad we got to have so many of our dear friends and family (and so many of his dear little friends) over to celebrate!

The neighborhood boys playing in the little house I got for free. Even though it was a huge pain to clean up, it was well worth the elbow grease!

Some of the decorations and presents. My parents did great with the decorating-they had balloons everywhere! Little Dude loved playing with them all week long after the party! Though I told people not to bring gifts, as you can see that didn't work and we got tons more as the day went on. Little Dude loved them all, thanks, guys! By the way, don't I look cute?

Our family, Bill, Little Dude, Me and JR (in my sling, sleeping)

We had our back yard turned into a preschool water play land, with multiple pools, springlers, slip n slide type things, balls, play houses, was so awesome to see all the kids playing. Little Dude LOVES water, so we had to set up the water play. I think it was a big hit and I finally made use of all the extra towels I own.

Yes, there is a naked kid in the background...really, we all know it's not a party until somebody strips...

Blowing out his candles-one that said "2" and one that was a car from CARS. And his birth picture and 1st birthday picture are set up too. Where did the years go? Sigh.

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Caitlin said...

What adorable pictures!! Your boys are getting so big. How's life in Alabama going?

I just saw your comment on my post about Sarah Palin. And to some extent, I will say you're right. You can't fault the mother for the childs actions.

My major problems with Sarah stem from her attitude that she should control the choices of others. Im a Christian. I'm also pro-choice. Would I have an abortion myself? I don't know, because thankfully I've never had to be in that postition. However, I believe that every woman should have the option. I don't believe anyone can tell me what I can and cannot do with my body because of their religious beliefs. My argument for the pro-life people is that I cannot force you to end a pregnancy you want to keep. Why should you be able to force me to keep a pregnancy I don't want?

I strongly disagree with her view that abstinence only education is all that should be taught in schools. And I fear that if she becomes president (which is fairly likely, due to McCains health history and age), you will no longer see any sex education anywhere. Sitting in a doctors office with a 16 year old that I cared about very much and holding her as she sobbed because she was pregnant broke my heart into tiny pieces. She'd never been taught how to use protection. Not at school, and not from her family. Her best friend told her that "pulling out" was just as safe as using a condom. To know first hand that so many unwanted pregnancies could be prevented just by teaching teens how to use a condom has caused me to become committed to teaching sex ed, even during Bible study classes with my teens.

I disagree with her desire to teach creationism in science class. That is not a scientific theory. It is a religious one. I am a staunch believer in the separation of church and state. If you want your child to be taught about creationism, tell him at home, or send him to a church run school. But again, the beliefs of one person are not the beliefs of another. So why do people insist on forcing their views on others? We've shown that evolution can occur. We've never shown that creationism happens.

And I agree with you...It would be refreshing to have somoene in the White House who hasn't been in politics for decades. Who has new ideas. Which is why I am voting for Obama. Because he hasn't been in Congress long, and isn't satisfied with what we've been getting. He wants to increase taxes on those who make over 250k a year, and reduce them for the rest of us. As someone who works paycheck to paycheck (thanks, grad school) thats important to me. Last year the government told me I owed an additional $600. I didn't have it. My opinion is they should ask the guy who makes 3 million a year for the $600. I bet they have it.

Thanks for posting your views though, Miche. I'm just terrified that Sarah Palin doesn't mean good change. I'm terrified that putting her in office will take away my choice. It will take away the rights that my mother, and grandmother, and great grandmother fought for. I think its easy to give up your freedoms when you've never had to live without them.

Give us a call next time your in town! :)