Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in Town

It is funny how just driving around the streets of our home has become beautiful and wonderful, all because we have been living in Mobile, AL for so long now! Things I took for granted,like the beautiful flowers my neighbors have planted or the numerous wonderful parks and GREAT friends we have here, have come back to my full attention and I am so grateful for them all.

Today we went to play with Wendy and Mia at Pullen Park, which Little Dude loves because there is a little kiddie train we can ride on AND kiddie boats Mia and he can ride! I still had a ton of tickets left from the last time we went way back before our move, so it was kinda a free trip! (I didn't have to spend any more money, anyway!)

Mia and Little Dude are so great playing together, and since Wendy's husband and my husband work together AND they both went to NC State and also attend football games, it is fantastic fun to meet up and hang out!

I also wore JR in my new Maya Wrap ring sling, which I love even more than my other sling! (I didn't think it would be possible!) I got this new sling because the fabric of my other is really thick, and not so good for the hot weather we have in Mobile, though it will be perfect for winter.So, I hunted around, and found a small sized Maya Wrap ring sling on ebay for 1/4 the price online. VERY AWESOME. I lucked out in getting it in the pattern I loved online-it has beautiful striped bold colors (it even has a little pink!) made out of soft, breathable cotton.

And the best part?

It has a POCKET. AWESOME! So, today at the park, I wore JR, (he was in heaven) played with Mia, Wendy and Little Dude, AND carried my debit card, id, phone, and truck keys so I could leave the stroller where ever. I was not worried if anyone tried to steal something out of it, as all they would end up with would be a poopy diaper, wipes, extra diapers,some crackers, and changes of clothes for the kids.Nope, no one was going to get my debit card! And, when my son wanted some juice, all I had to do was get the money out of my sling pocket, instead of bending over and searching through my bottomless diaper bag for my wallet.

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