Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love Bugs

This morning I had quite a shock as the kids and I headed to the library. Big, no HUGE, black bugs ALL OVER THE PLACE. There were so many they were LANDING on us. Everywhere I looked I saw these humongous bugs flying through the air!

I was totally freaked out, and considered getting the kids out of the car and running back into the apartment, forgoing all outside activity until these monster (and surely human eating, since they were so big) bugs were gone!

But, I stayed somewhat sane, and decided to call Bill and see if he had the 411 on these bugs, because, you know, he has lived here a whole month longer than me, so maybe he is in the know.

Indeed he was, because low and behold, they aren't ginormous human eating black bugs, but instead two medium sized bugs that happened to be all over the place because they are mating. What are these bugs called?

Love Bugs.

How super cute!! I am totally in love with them now. The boys and I (well, I dunno how much JR cared, but I'll pretend he did) enjoyed catching some under a glass and watching them crawl around. Wonderful activity, it took up most of the morning, in fact. I left out the mating part of it and just pointed out there were two bugs. The last thing I need is Little Dude running around saying "mating!!". That would not be so nice.

So, here in my lovely home in Mobile, the Love Bug is in the air. Literally. Kinda makes me want to feel all lovey dovey too.

And so, we are out to catch another Love Bug.


curdiemer said...

I randomly found your blog. Hi there!

It would take more than finding out that they are named love bugs to get me to catch some. Good for you.

You've inspired me to realize that I the mommy of a boy now and I need to suck it up. :)

Stephanie said...

I hate love bugs :). Back in 1986, they exploded in Houston. It was so bad, they covered the sky. Everywhere you go, they were every where. There was always a black cloud of love bugs and stunk if they were killed. It was horrible! They are man made bugs from Florida. It's good that you turned it to something positive :). Miss you lots!

Miche said...

Curdiemer, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, having little boys is quite the adventure-we play with lots of bugs and when they get a little bigger Bill and I will be investing in a lot of ant farms for them, I am sure. I will not, however, even entertain the idea of a tarantula spider for a pet. My husband said the boys will want one someday, but no matter how many times they beg, no spider will ever be welcome in my home...even if it is supposed to be sweet and fuzzy. *shiver*