Monday, June 30, 2008

So Tired...

Well, today has started off well, Eddie is outside rolling in the mud (he is a dog and we had a huge thunderstorm last night; thus he is in heaven),Little Dude is still contently playing in his crib, and JR is actually still asleep.

By far, the hardest part of the day with multiple kids/babies, is the morning. At least for me. Every so often I get a good morning like this, but most of the time, Eddie is barking to go out (in dog language, that means he has go to the bathroom to RIGHT NOW), Little Dude is begging for freedom, and JR is screaming to eat.

Though once we get past the morning rush of feeding/freeing everyone, things have been good at falling into a very manageable pattern of feeding, cleaning, napping, playing, etc.

But boy, am I ready to fall into bed when the time comes. At 10pm. Man, I'm old.


mom said...

The morning rush is always the craziest here too! Sometimes I wish we could just fast forward through it... or you know, hire a team to come in and get us through! :)
Keep smiling... and I'll be in bed with you at 10pm tonight too - even on my anniversary!
- Audrey

Kelsey said...

Doesnt falling into bed after a day like that feel great?