Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Green Our Vaccines

Well, today over at To Think Is To Create, Steph is talking about a very important subject-children and vaccines. You can read all about her son and his story here.

Honestly, I am not very informed on the issue of to vaccinate or not to vaccinate our children, but I do know that I have met quite a few people online and in person who believe (and have strong evidence to support) that vaccines caused problems/issues/etc for their child.

To start with, I was shocked when I started to meet a few people that don't vaccinate their children, and even more shocked when I realized there were so many. I would have never even dreamed of questioning vaccinations when Little Dude was a baby. And I was VERY shocked to start hearing about and reading about the correlation between vaccines and autism, seizers, and other medical issues in young children.

All I can say is that our son was vaccinated, and has not shown any issues, and we will probably vaccinate our next son; however it might be selective vaccination. Why? Because I just started reading David Kirby's book Evidence Of Harm, (I got it at the library today actually, after reading Steph's post)and there truly is some eye opening information in there about toxins in vaccines and other such scary stuff that only makes the job of being a parent even harder.

There is a rally going on today in Washington DC, and Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey will be there talking about vaccines and Jenny's son. I'm sure the news will be covering it, and you can find more info here, here and here.

But, again, all we can do is be informed and make the best decision we can for OUR children based on how we feel, know, believe, and what WE think is best. Remember not to let others pressure you into one choice or the other, after all, God chose you as the best person to parent your child, so ultimately, you will do what is best for your child and your family.


Andrea said...

My mom is CONVINCED that Kyle (my brother with Ausperger's) was totally normal until he got his vacinations. She said he wasn't the same after that. Now of course, there is no evidence, but going through what we went through with Kyle I will be very selective.

I personally feel like it's a very personal choice that the parent needs to make, one that is not to be judged.

kelsey said...

Just wanted to stay I stopped by Miche and read the beginning of your post but have to run to bed but ill be back tomorrow!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

No matter what side you are on, being informed is what is most important. So many parents like me might not think the way we do if it had never happened to us. And of course we all only want what is best for our children. I wish no harm on ANY child.

Thank you for mentioning us in your post!