Monday, June 2, 2008

My new Ring Sling

My ring sling came in the mail, just as I was hoping! Yay! It did take me a little bit to mess around with setting it all correctly and comfortably, even with the great directions, as it is more complicated than my pouch sling. But is the complexity of the ring sling worth it? You bet!

I got mine from Keiki-Kuddlerz, a company started and managed by a stay at home mom in Hawaii! It is so soft that I wish I could have clothes made out of this material. And oh so beautiful too!! There were tons of lovely fabrics to choose from, but from the perspective of having two sons and my husband working in construction engineering, I had to find a sling that would be beautiful for me and approved by him to carry his sons in. This was definitely it.

The flower design makes me feel ready for a luau, and a stroll on a beach, while the dark reds and olive greens make the baby blue and white colors pop, giving the sling a manly Hawaiian shirt feel. (perfect for carrying my boys around in and for Bill to want to carry them as well!). Trust me, the pictures I took don't do the beauty of this sling justice!

There are two toy hooks as well, and you can order slings with multiple hidden pockets as well, making your baby wearing truly hands free for quick stops when you just need a debit card or a little cash and don't want to carry the whole purse or diaper bag!

Mine ended up not having hidden pockets like I thought it did,(due to the fact I misunderstood the description, I will blame pregnant brain for that) but for the ridiculously low price I got it for on ebay, I can not complain at all-in fact, I am so super happy with it that I just REALLY can't wait for my new son to arrive and ride around in it!! Normally the slings will run you anywhere from $60 to $90, depending on the options and material you want, and trust me, it is well worth it. It is so well made and I even put 40 pounds of weights in it and walked around my house for awhile to test it out-can you believe it was comfortable the entire time? YES!!! And it felt super secure as well! Little Dude loves it already, and I am already planning to get these as baby shower presents for all my friends interested in baby wearing.

Yes, I am elated about my ring sling and so glad I took the chance to try one out!!

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kelsey said...

What an adorable sling!