Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not so sure about today

Well, I did have big plans to take Little Dude to the park before 9am, but he is still sleeping and honestly I feel too tired and swollen to rush out the door after he gets up. So, I am thinking today might be a day to walk around the mall or something. I wish I had someone to go with; that always makes window shopping more fun!

It is already 82 degrees here. Wow. I love hot weather, but this is a little on the extreme side. On top of having an oven in my belly, having to wear maternity hose, AND having a little toddler to entertain just makes being outside way to hard and makes heat exhaustion way to dangerous.

So, overall, I am not so sure what I am going to do today. I have work to do for Dakno that I am going to catch up on during Little Dude's nap, and since my maternity leave starts soon, I need to get notes together for training some new girls to take my place. (I have to say I feel quite proud they hired 3 girls to take on what I do; I had no idea I was that valuable!)

Anyways, today is a lazy, pregnant, hot day where Little Dude will probably have the run of the house because I'll be to hot and tired to run after him...thank goodness the weekend is almost here!


Kelsey said...

Oh send us the heat please! The weather man said we could have snow this weekend. What?? Its june people!

Bristol said...

Miche... I had the same kind of day here too! Had my ob/gyn appt. this morning... 37 weeks along... and wishing Henry would come soon!! I'm feeling ready!! How are you feeling!!??
- Audrey