Thursday, June 12, 2008

Father's Day

Today I am on a mission: I MUST get some wedding presents for weddings we have THIS Saturday and NEXT Saturday AND I MUST MUST MUST find something fabulous for my husband for fathers day. I also need to make and mail out the Father's Day cards to the Dad's in our family. I am hoping to get those done here soon, then run by Bill's office for him to sign, and get them mailed out today...whew!

I'm really at a loss though as to what to get/make for Bill for Father's Day. He made my Mother's Day so very special that I want to do something great for him too, but I just can't come up with any ideas that hit me as "ah ha! THATS IT!" Sigh.

If anyone has any cool homemade ideas, please feel free to share them. I have been racking my brain for something unique and preferably homemade (as I think those are the best anyway) and honestly, I have waited so long there is no time to order something...hahah! Oh well. If anything, I will be his servant all day while he relaxes and cook him whatever he wants and bring him his Popular Mechanics Magazine.

If we had a cool tree for a hammock I'd get him one to hang out in, but since we don't and it is really hot that idea is scratched. I'm sure I will think of something awesome......


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh something homemade I just saw was super cute. The woman had taken a fun picture of one of their kids, copied it, and then cut it out.

She then used that piece to trace and cut it out of fabric. Then she simply stitched it on and put it in a frame. And it was this really cute picture that was homemade of their son.

The link was

but check it out. I think I might do this. But you could do something cute ilek when you were pregnant or one of your guys favorite kid pics. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

You could get "The Dangerous Book for Boys" so he could plan ahead for all the fun to come as a Father!

Caitlin said...

A wedding next weekend?? That wouldn't happen to be Wymer's wedding, would it?? We'll be there too!!!

Karen said...

I hope getting to bring home a new, healthy baby on Father's day solved your delimma of how to make this father's day a special one! :)