Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pregnacy Update

Well, today is starting off early-I woke up at 6am for no reason. Whoa. I guess my body is getting ready for the baby, because try as I might, I could not go to sleep . So, I surrendered and make some coffee for everyone that would be getting up for work and traveling (my in laws are flying to St. Louis this morning for Aunt Kathy's Memorial) and decided to read a little. All in all a super sweet, nice, quiet morning alone. Maybe my body did now what it was doing waking me up at 6am!

My varicose veins are actually doing better, but now I have reached the point where my feet and hands swell up by mid afternoon. I really hate having to take my wedding ring off, one because I am scared I will lose it, two because my finger will feel weird and bother me without it on. But overall, I haven't had any problems so I count myself very lucky.

The baby is kicking like crazy and I feel like he has dropped, though I read that isn't supposed to happen until right before labor with second/third/etc pregnancies. So, I don't know, but it certainly feels like he is kicking a lot lower! And my asthma has stopped acting up as much as it was a month ago. Everything is still popping and feeling like it is stretching-it will be interesting to see on Friday if anything has been happening (effaced/dilated). I start going to see the doctor every week this week and am so excited to be at this point! Yay!

Today I am on a mission to find a new going home outfit for JR, and after I drop Ed and Patty off at the airport I am going to head on over to Babies R Us and take a look around. If I find something cute, I'll get a picture of it up here.


kelsey said...

When are you due?

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Hey Miche!!
I'm glad you are doing well. And I'm glad to hear the Vericose Veins are doing better. This heat is tough, isn't it? So you feel he has dropped? I definitely think Henry has. I have such PRESSURE!! I'm excited to hear about your Friday visit!!!!