Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Day in 6 Words

My blogger friend, Kelsey, has started a cool little thing called "My Life in 6 Words". What is it? How do you do it? You have to come up with a 6 word phrase that describes your life for that day. Sounds easy, but I have been sitting here for a bit trying to think of something with ONLY 6 words, so it is kinda hard! I am finally putting that English degree to work now...

My Day in 6 Words:

Laughing and crying with my boys.

Yep, it is 8am, and already I have laughed at both (one for being cute, the other for pooping on me) and cried with both (one for hitting his head against my knee when he tripped on a toy-it hurt! and the other for bitting me while nursing. Yes THAT HURTS.

Go check out Kelsey's Day in 6 Words-she has a couple of interesting ones!


Kelsey said...

Awesome thanks so much for playing along Miche!

Andrea said...

Mine would be "Act it, feel it, be it" because I was not feeling like work today and had a bad attitude all day at work, like very negative. So around noon I was like "Enough!" and I started doing my favorite saying.

Anyway - it sounds like you are doing great with the kiddos! I knew you would!

RainyPM said...

Hi there, I followed you back from a comment you left on my perfectly normal blog. I love the picture of you with your tiny new baby. Can you believe how fast they get big? I swear that sometimes I put my baby to bed and he's bigger the next morning. I expect one of these days he's going to pull an Incredible Hulk and be busting out of his foot pajamas. :)

Here are my 6 words for today:
Did I really eat all that?

PinksandBluesGirls said...

OH! I love your 6 words. Sounds like my house by 8am! This is such a great idea!
Hmm... let's see...
Should I eat the Reese's in freezer?
- Audrey