Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Up

Honestly, I can't believe I am up AND blogging right now...but it is amazing what a hot shower and a cup of coffee can do for a tired Mama!

My mother in law went home yesterday, and Bill and John are both at work all day, so today is my first official day alone with the boys. So far today is going great, Little Dude is eating breakfast right now, and JR is due to get up soon to nurse. I got Eddie (our dog) outside with food and water, so now he is good for the rest of today in case I can't summon up the energy to try to play with him while the boys nap. Hey, I even found a few seconds to blog! Yippie!

My engorgement is going MUCH better, as I have started just nursing JR on one side and then pumping the other empty during the same feeding. And using a hot compress before and during the nursing and a cold one after has made everything feel tons better as well. Ahhh, the fun of getting nursing established! I am excited this painful part seems to be ending, now the super fun, relaxing part of nursing can be enjoyed better! (At least that is what I experience and really enjoy)

Well, that is all for now. If things are going super well I might be on here later for a brief update of what getting out of the house for even a stroll around the block was like with two little dudes. If I am not back on here, you will know it either did not go well or it was so exhausting that I needed a nap afterwards.


Andrea said...

Good luck on flying solo today! I know you did great. You're so wonderful!

Ben-Ben (my nickname for him) is so sweet. I cannot wait to see him grow up, though not too fast.

Kelsey said...

Hope everything went well Miche!