Friday, June 20, 2008

More Picutres of JR and Little Dude

My awesome double stroller I got from ebay for 80 dollars. Awesome. This is at the park-I had to get a picture of the boys before I let Little Dude out. You can't tell it, but Little Dude was SO EXCITED to be at the park that I am amazed he is not blurry in this picture. JR is, of course, sleeping sweetly.
My handsome husband doing what he does best: being Super Daddy. I just love this picture of Bill and JR together.
Our JR getting ready to leave the hospital with us Sunday. Good thing I got his coming home outfit on Tuesday!
JR and his awesome Uncle John. John has been a huge help as well with giving Little Dude special attention while we all get adjusted to JR.
Our Little Dude enjoying the local park. He has been so super sweet to JR and even kept coming over to check on him and look at him while we were playing at the park.

The park was so super fun, and I have a lot of confidence going out with the two little guys now that I got to "practice" with Patty. I do need to work on getting the whole "nursing and babywearing" thing far it is not very graceful, but I will be working on it at home so I can get it down. If I can accomplish it, then going out with the boys will become tons easier and much more free time-wise.

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Kelsey said...

He is such a cutie Miche!