Friday, June 6, 2008

Wa Wa?

Well, my Little Dude's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds now! It is very exciting and scary and, maybe, just a little sad. Some of his baby talk is disappearing, and I see him becoming a "big boy" more and more every day.

As of yesterday, his word word for water changed from "wa" to "wa wa". He cant say the "t" sound yet. But he is so close,and I already miss that little "wa". He can also say, Hi, Bye, Baby, Dada, Mama, please, no, yes, cheese, O's (thats for cheerios) and shoes very clearly, woof woof for dog, occasionally say dog as "doog". Meat is "mea mea" (again, no t). Uncle John is "cle on" or just "on", grapes are "apes", cats are "meow" (though he sometimes barks at them too) juice is "oooice" and milk is "mil"

I know there are more that are escaping me at the moment, but for all you family and friends that haven't seen him in a bit, you get the idea. He is also fairly fluent in sign language, which I am so glad we taught him. I am convinced we have avoided many a temper tantrums from our strong willed son by giving him a way to communicate. I highly recommend using it and hope I can find the time to teach JR like I did with Little Dude.

Well, we are getting ready for our playdate now with Kip, and perhaps we will go to Marbles! Have a Happy Friday!

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