Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Boys

Looking at my boys today, I am just so grateful to be blessed with them. They are safe, healthy, and I am able to stay home and enjoy every moment that God gives me with them. For those moments I am forever thankful.

It is funny, but even though JR has only been home for 2 weeks, it seems like he has been part of our family forever, and we just weren't all together until he got here. Seeing my boys together is just overwhelming and amazing. Mostly, I am amazed I could have lived for so many years without them!


Kelsey said...

Oh miche they are adorable! They have the same nose dont they? Or am I crazy? Such sweeties I just posted about a little blessing in my life too so cute!

Stephanie said...

HI Michelle! You have a beautiful family. I hope I get to meet the happy family in a few weeks. Take care!

Peace, Love, and Mickey Mouse :)

The Oaksmith ~ Stewart's said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Wow- we go on a holiday and your little JR snuck out early!!! We are so happy and excited for all of you!!!!!!!