Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where is the bathroom?

For Easter, we had a lot of family coming and going and staying with us, which was super fun! But, with all the people, it made Bill and me realize that two bathrooms get filled up quickly, and often!

Someday, Bill and I would like to have 4 children, perhaps more, but 4 seems like a really good number (that number will fill my van while still having room for Bill, Eddie, and me). Though, of course, I have reserved the right to change my mind at any given point, since I am the one pushing them out of my tiny body. Anyways, seeing how busy the bathrooms were over the weekend made us realize: We need to add a bathroom asap.

We have two boys (one due in July!). But having the groups of people over made us realize that with 4 children and their friends and our friends and family, our two little bathrooms will be constantly in use. Esp. at holidays. And the lines for showers will last all morning.

So, we have added another task to the list of home "to-do's", which we had finally gotten down to just a few small items too! Start work on the downstairs bathroom, just as soon as the deck is done.

And now I must go, as Little Dude is calling for water....again.....

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Tracey said...

An extra bathroom is ALWAYS a good addition to a house. And extra closets, too. Maybe you guys could put a huge linen closet in your new bathroom, while you're at it?