Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The house is almost done!

Hi everyone! There is exciting news! As of yesterday we are all done painting the upstairs and all major construction projects on our homes inside are done! WOW!! Right now I am sitting inmy nice new office (using the computer John built for me! yay!) and I have a lovely laundry room, utility room, and a fun family room! YAY! The downstairs is pretty much done!

We started all these projects 4 years ago and it seems amazing we have finally finished the big ones! When we bought our house (for crazy cheap, considering the size) half of the down stairs was not finished, and the family room was REALLY dated. It looked like a dungeon from the 50's, had there been dungeons in homes back then.

Anyways, we put up walls, put in electrical, put in new flooring, painted EVERYTHING, took down weird built in widow covers (seriously, why have a window if you are going to put a wooden overhang covering it?) We did ceiling work,window work...basically the works! And now, we are done!

We also have finished painting the upstairs, and now it is time to tackle adding the third full bath and outdoor deck/patio area. Before the baby comes we are planning on having the deck/patio and backyard landscaping done, and then before the baby turns 1 we hope to have the bathroom halfway done, if not all done. I am soooooo excited!

Being busy with so many home repair items kept our weekends full up to we have been having nice, lazy weekends but honestly, I can only take so much sitting idle time....perhaps it is time to paint our bedroom again?

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Andrea said...

You guys have really done such a great job!