Saturday, March 29, 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

Well, the weekend has already been an adventure. Buzz finally stopped barking, but now we have a stomach virus going around the house. We thought at first it was food poisoning; however, now Little Dude and I both have it as well.

The only good thing about Little Dude being sick is that he loves to cuddle with me, something he rarely does anymore. So, as much as I hate for his tummy to hurt, I am loving all the cuddle time he is letting me have with him.

Right now in our area, the tree pollen is getting crazy and everything is coated in a lovely yellow. I actually love the color yellow, but when it starts getting carried into the house and carpet, I start to hate it. The pollen is hard to clean! I did find some great cleaner in the auto section of the grocery store called "Tough Stuff" and so far it has gotten ALL KINDS of stains out of my carpets in my car and home, including coffee and yellow pollen!

Now if only I could find something to keep the pollen off the patio...

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