Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pictures! and more...

Well, I don't really know what to write today, as I am still a little in shock. My husband travels out of town every so often as part of his job-this week he was to be in Tennessee and Georgia, back Thursday night. Nothing unusual about it; however around 4pm Bill called to let me know a truck had t-boned him on 1-40 outside of Asheville. WHAT??? Yes, I all I could say was WHAT?? Thank God no one was hurt and THANK GOD no one was driving next to Bill when the truck hit him because it pushed him across 3 LANES OF TRAFFIC. It scares to me to think about how bad it could have been.

At any case, Bill is OK and the car is a company car, so it will be fixed and the trucker took responsibility for the accident, so everything with insurance should go smoothly, though we don't have to deal with it, United Forming does. I do wish Bill could come home now; however, it will still be Thursday (really late Wed. at the earliest) that I get to see him again. Drat.

So, on a happier note, it has been way too long since I put up some new Little Dude pictures. I wish I had some J.R. pictures to put up; however, this time around we didn't get a CD of the ultra sound pictures and I didn't think to ask about it until we had already left the doctor. Bummer. Anyway, we go back on the 24th for more ultra sounds to check on the baby again (there might be a small issue with his kidneys, no worries until we know more then) so I will ask for a CD of pics then. So, enjoy these of Little Dude, he is now almost 18 1/2 months...WOW. Time has flown way to fast!

Little Dude trying to wear Bill's shirt.

Little Dude's first black eye. Sigh.

Little Dude looking ever so cute in his bathrobe

Making sweet tea with Mommy-Little Dude is adding some lemon juice

And now, the best part...TASTING the sweet tea!

Have a happy day!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I could really go for some sweet tea! Congrats on your pregnancy and thank you for stopping by! I'm adding you to my blogroll as well- thank you for the link! : )


Andrea said...

Poor Bill! I'll say a prayer for him and you because I know he will be really sore for the next week or so.

Popple Pics! Yay! I love the bathrobe one.