Monday, March 10, 2008

Adoption Perspective

I am posting two posts today because I just read the most interesting insight into an adopted child's perspective. You'll have to go here to read it, but guys, it is well worth the read, esp if you know anyone that is adopting or thinking of adopting yourself.

One of the girls I have been talking with online about adoption sent it to me to help answer some questions I had. After reading it, I certainly had a new look at the whole transition process and how very frightening the whole experience must be for the child. I wonder if it would help any if the child did speak the same language? Or is someone in the family spoke the child's language, like say Spanish or French. Though honestly, I can say that if I were in that situation, it would be impossible to initially trust anyone, even if they did speak the language.

I guess it just is something I will muse over as I do more research info the whole adoption process. I did get great advice; I am going to pick a country and then find an agency that deals a lot with that chosen country. So far I have been doing it backwards and not really known what to ask agencies or felt pushed into certain countries by agencies that seemed to just want my money right away instead of helping me figure everything out. There is certainly a lot to research and learn before we seriously start the ball rolling.

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Andrea said...

Let me know what you find out. I am very interested in adoption!