Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I took the Devil to Church....

So my family and I usually go to church every Sunday. Granted, we should always make it, but occasionally laziness gets in the way and we skip. However; this past Sunday was the first time I ever said, "We should have stayed home". Usually, it is the other way around, and I say, "Awe, we should have gone", but trust me, if you had been sitting near us, you would have agreed that we should have gone home, and perhaps even offered your car keys to us.

See, the day started out perfect. We ate breakfast, had gotten dressed, and it was only 8:30am! Amazing! So, instead of going to mass at 11:15, like usual, we decided to go ahead and go to the earlier mass at 9:15am. Bill and I were super excited, as this mass has the choir and it would mean we could try to have lunch at the park before Little Dude's nap time! Yay!

That would have worked out well, had the earlier mass REALLY started at 9:15am....it ACTUALLY started at 9:30am. And trust me, as the parent of a toddler, Catholic Mass has nothing to offer entertainment wise for him, so every minute we sat there quietly was a minute more at the end he might be screaming. Thus, that is what happened.

We got to church, and upon seeing so few people there with what we thought was only a min. or two before mass started, we, foolish hearts, decided to sit in the main congregation area. Mistake number 1. Mistake number 2? Not going back to the side area after we realized mass was a 9:30am and a flood of people started coming in. This whole 15 minutes though, Little Dude had been sitting quietly next to us, looking all around and quite entertained...sooooo we thought it would all work out and we had a little Angel with us. And usually we are correct, the last 3 Sundays he had been an Angel in church! This Sunday, no. As soon as mass started... AS SOON AS MASS STARTED the Angel I had born turned into a screaming, growling, snarling, convulsing, (yes, he was throwing himself around in my arms) Devil Child.

He hit us, he kicked me, he screamed, he flailed about, he pulled my hair, He SNARLED, he GROWLED, and he grabbed Bill's glasses. Some of the noises he was making I swear I had only heard in the Exorcist movie. Let me just tell you it was the most embarrassing and humbling experience of my life, as there was nothing I could do but watch MY CHILD, yes MY CHILD, behave so horribly AT CHURCH, of all places.

After dealing with this behavior for a bit, with no calming or disipline tactics working, Bill finally took him out of church and made him sit in the car. (Bill stayed with him, of course). Mistake number 3? I stayed.

So I finished out the early mass with the Angelic choir and all the old people around me giving me parenting advice which I had to swallow and admit I might need, as crazy as half the advice was (like I'm going to whip my 18 month old? Yes, one really old guy said that!!!). One old lady told me, "Gosh, you sure do have a feisty one there.(she was being nice with her adjectives, trust me) I hope you're getting a girl this time around!" To which I had to hold back frustrated tears as I said, "No, I'm having another boy". I'm telling you, this lady looked horrified that there would soon be TWO of my sons partaking in church. At this point I was so frustrated and upset I really couldn't wait for mass to be over so I could also escape to the car and go home.

So, that, ladies and gentleman, is the retelling of how I took the Devil to Church with me last Sunday.

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Andrea said...

Oh no, not my Popple! That's a BAD POPPLE!! Ha ha, just kidding. Man, kids have a hard time in church, but you are great parents, he's just a toddler expressing his "opinion".