Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beach Baby Safety

Ahhhh, summer is in the air. Yes, I know it is only spring, really, but in my hometown of Raleigh, NC it is in the 70's (F) and the weather is PERFECT for starting to plan our summer beach trip!

Sadly though, I am the only person in my family (out of Bill's and my sides) that does not EVER tan. All I do is burn. So, I have to be super SUPER careful to keep the sunscreen slathered on and the hats on my head. Most people are rather surprised to learn that my mother is Mexican and Native American, because of how lilly white I am no matter how much I am in the sun. Yes, I was blessed with all the Irish Leprechaun genes. Very Short, Very white, and red/brown hair. Nice.

Anyways, now that Bill and I are parents, and by next summer will have two little dude's to keep safe from the sun, we have already been checking out some of the baby products for sun protection. One of my favorites is this Beach Tent from Target. It has ventilation so it doesn't become a cooker inside, and with the sides made the way they are, there is little wind resistance, meaning you won't have to go chasing after it. Also, the floor keeps all your stuff pretty sand-free and you can add weight (like your cooler) to the floor to also fight the chances of it flying away like a kite. Very Nice.

I have also found THIS awesome baby sling that I am simply going to have to save up and buy as it would be perfect for shallow wading with the new baby and keep my hands free to hold back my toddler from trying to take on the waves!

I also really love sunscreen on a stick, and it is made in SPF 50, PABA free at Walgreens Pharmacy. I don't know what the real term for it is; however, for a squiggly child that is ready to play, it is super hard to get faces good and covered with liquid sunscreen. It looks like a chap stick, and works great for getting Little Dude's face slathered in sun protection. Even better, I don't have to interrupt his playing (heaven forbid!) to put more on; I simply go sit next to him and roll it everywhere I think he needs a touch up and viola! No extra rubbing in or disturbances from me; he is free to continue digging to China.

If you want to check out more beach baby safety, check out the Crystal Coast Blog, a blog all about the beautiful beach areas of my state. Our beaches of choice are Emerald Isle (that is where Bill and I got engaged!)and Topsail, and you can learn a lot about vacation homes, investment homes and general fun beach life info at Crystal Coast Blog.


Bobby said...

Miche - Thanks for the mention and the "link love". No doubt, you and Bill have many wonderful memories from your visits to Emerald Isle. BTW-I love you blog! Thanks again!

Karen said...

You guys as parents (and those of us who are super sun-sensitive) are so lucky that there are so many sunscreen products out now that just weren't around several years ago. There are sprays, sticks, etc. and even the lotions are much better than they used to be. I used to hate sunscreen when I was younger, but it's a whole different world now, haha.