Monday, March 31, 2008

Stay Away...

Well, it happened. I am now sick with the stomach thing that started with everyone last week. Thankfully, I am not too bad, others in the family were much worse off, but still, not fun.

I felt I should update a little though since I had not written all weekend. Here is the update:

*Damian, Justin and Robyn came into town to finish up some wedding details (Damian, best man, Justin and Robyn, getting married) and crashed with us for the weekend (guys, I really hope you don't get sick) It was AWESOME to see them! And super SUPER fun to have all our friends over for a few "lets catch up" parties.

*Buzz finally quit barking Sat. and decided it was much more fun to just dig holes in the yard. Since our yard isn't anything to be impressed with, I really don't care about the holes so long as the barking had stopped. And for taking care of Buzz for the weekend, Joe and Andrea brought us DIAPERS! AWESOME! So, I am thinking I will offer to babysit Buzz more....

*My Little Dude is all over his stomach virus, as is Grandma and Grandpa; however, like I said above, it started hitting me last night....sigh.

**On a side note, I found out that anyone with diarrhea should not have dairy products, as the enzymes that our stomach uses to break down dairy gets flushed out and we have to give it time to build back up after our stomach returns to normal. How did I find this out? Since Little Dude wasn't eating, I got him some PediaSure vitamin/protein drinks. Then he started throwing up. Freaked us all out, so we called the doctor and he told us that the dairy was the reason for the sudden throwing up. Niiiice.

*Dakno is going great and I am learning TONS about optimizing key word searches for blogs and websites-it is super fun to try to figure out creative ways to place key words for search engines to find WITHOUT looking like I am spamming. Kinda like a game really; see how many times and ways I can say "So and So Area Real Estate Information" to get a certain web page or blog to show up when people are looking for "So and So Area Real Estate Information". Might sound boring, but trust me, it is pretty fun to do.

Alright, well it is raining, and I am going to let Eddie back in now, and try to lay down on the floor while Little Dude climbs on me. Normally this is a fun game we play, but today, it will simply be because I have no energy to do anything else for very long.

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Andrea said...

Oh no! Just when you thought you were feeling better. Let me know if I can help with anything.

Oh, and I broke my foot! I go get it "fixed" tomorrow morning.