Friday, March 7, 2008

Digging In The Dirt

Yesterday was a success, everyone! Little Dude had SOOOOO much fun playing in the dirt and meeting earth worms, rollie pollies, and digging for pirate treasure! Little Dude's friend, Cole, came over to play in the dirt as well, which added to the fun!

Cole is 2 1/2, a very fun age, with a great imagination. Hey kept asking what things were (like a huge piece of mulch). My answer? Part of a pirate ship, of course! So, he got super excited to find gold, and his excitement in digging got Little Dude all excited, so the two of them furiously digging away was hysterical to watch.

I also had a sneaky plan behind all the kid's digging activity, I actually got to get all the left over fall leaves and insulation layers I put over my bulbs each year OFF the plants. Fabulous! The kids had fun, my plants got uncovered for spring, and now my flower garden actually resembles a flower garden. I also convinced Cole and Little Dude to carry the "seaweed" (weeds I had up-rooted) over to the "ocean" (a rock area back behind a huge bush next to my house, but hey, if we have pirate ships in my garden, why not an ocean next to the house?). They had a lot of fun "feeding the fish". AWESOME.

The kids really were fascinated by earth worms too. It was super great to watch them watch the worms! Cole was reluctant to touch the first worm and Little Dude kept trying to grab it (and since I was afraid he would kill it (perhaps by, gulp, eating it), I had to make the worm off limits except for "good worm pats" (I explained they were like dogs, couldn't eat them, but they loved to be petted very gently. Once the worm seemed like a dog, Cole was all about naming it. The name he thought was great? Pirate. Nice. My powerful influence is awesome.

So, enjoy the pictures, they are crazy cute!

Here is Little Dude and Cole Looking at some worms

Here is Cole telling Little Dude how my garden kneeler is really a surf board.

Little Dude digging for "gold" (my rock path)

Cute Cole!

Here are the kids moving the weeds behind the bush. Little Dude and Cole started playing peek-a-boo at this point and both were laughing quite hard! Adorable!

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Anonymous said...

Love the website! The comments are great and I love the book list. Am most curious about the angry housewives eating bon bons.
Cole's mom