Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy Thursday

Today has already started out as a great day, even though it is only 8:20 in the morning. Why? Because I have gotten the house nice and clean, breakfast baking in the oven, and I am sitting here sipping some decaf coffee with lovely toffee nut creamer.I know, not good for my heartburn, but it just seemed like such a nice coffee moment I couldn't resist; all while Little Dude still sleeps away.

I LOVE it when mornings like this happen. I always start the day off more relaxed, better focused and motivated to come up with creative ideas for play. I might take him out to my "flower garden" (in quotes because really, I have to be honest and say it is a few plants struggling around some weeds) and see how he likes digging in the dirt. I know! This is the kind of cool stuff I don't mind when my day starts off so nicely! Who cares if he gets mud and dirt all over the entry way when the rest of the house is sparkling? Today is so very pretty a trip the to park will be in order, too!

Awesome. I hope the rest of you have as great a day as I am. I'll report back tomorrow on how the dirt digging goes!

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