Friday, March 28, 2008

Dogs Barking

We have a German Shepard, named Eddie. He is an awesome dog, though GINORMOUS, and often clumsy. Bill and I have often wondered if we should get a "friend" for Eddie by taking on another dog. Why? Simply because with Little Dude and Bill traveling for work a lot and now with me pregnant, Eddie does not get all the excersie he would like, nor all the attention he used to get with it was just Bill, him and me.

Today though, I have realized, I DON'T WANT ANOTHER DOG. Why, you ask? Because as of yesterday afternoon we started dog sitting our friend's dog, Buzz, for the weekend. What has Buzz done since being dropped off? BARKED. HOWLED. DUG HOLES! SCRATCHED the DOOR!! and WHINED. NON STOP. The dog wont stop! I have no idea what to do and I am about ready to pull my hair out. What's even better? My neighbor has her little bite sized very yappy poodle outside right now too, and Dolly has decided it is great fun to try to YAP YAP YAP along with Buzz. What is Eddie doing? Laying down in front of the door like he wants to come in-and wants nothing to do with the other dogs.

Also, Buzz has decided that he and Eddie really don't need water outside, because he keeps knocking it over. If it were just Buzz, I'd be like, "Fine, go for a bit without water since you can't figure out how to stay out of it". But, since Eddie is there too, I just can't. So, I am out there every 15 min to turn the water bowl back over and fill it back up with water. And Buzz is soaking wet, then JUMPING on me. I'm really about ready to kill him. The weekend can't be over quickly enough.

Well, on an upside, Rocks in my Dryer has some instructions on making baby burp cloths! Cool Beans! Esp since this baby is a boy too! I have not been able to get into the baby shopping since we have everything saved from Little Dude...but I could splurge and make burp cloths! I'm not a good sewer, but it looks easy enough and it will be something to do while the dogs are barking. In fact, getting out to the fabric shop will be awesome. I might even drive with the radio off, just for the piece and quiet. IN FACT, I think I will go to the fabric shop on the far side of town just for the time it will take me away from the house. Awesome! The day is looking better already...

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