Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Early In The Morning

Now that my husband is working back in town and able to be home every night, my work schedule has changed drastically. Instead of staying up til midnight to get things done, I have been getting up early in the am with Bill, and starting work after he leaves for his work.

And that was going great, until some kind of kid radar went off, enabling the children to sense when I am awake. This morning I haven't even had a shower yet, even though I was up and about at 7am. Why? Because as soon as I started to get in the shower, a little voice scared the c**p out of me, by creeping up behind me before asking for breakfast.

Hearing a voice you aren't expecting while being half dressed is scary, no matter how adorable that voice is.

So, not it is 8:30, the kids are finally fed, dressed, and off playing, and I am FINALLY getting to start some work. Wish me luck in getting all the reports I need to send out done in the next 30 min.

For the most part, I love the flexibility of working from home, but on occasion-like today-where I have deadlines and a list so long of things to do I don't even know where to start (and never mind the kid/house stuff I need to do) I do wish I had more concrete work hours.

OK, I'm off to write like the wind and hopefully have everything sent out as my co-workers get into their offices.

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