Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three Kids

So today is a practice run of my upcoming new job, nanny. Hmmm, actually, not sure nanny is right, it makes me feel like I should be British. Kid watcher? Kid observer? Kid jungle gym/food source? That is probably more applicable.

Anyways, my friends, Mike and Beth, have the most adorable little girl, Emily, and starting in Feb I am going to start watching her (Emily) full time! I'm super excited because one, I get to justify getting a few girly things around here for her and PLAY WITH HER LOOOONG HAIR!! Two, I make some extra money on the side and three, Mike and Beth save a ton on daycare while Emily gets to be one of three instead of one of 12. And did I mention Emily has the longest hair? I am dreaming about playing with it.

So wish me luck, today I'm just planning a little park trip and pretty much keeping around here. I am looking at getting a family pass to Marbles and I have been told the Durham Museum is super awesome-though I am super lame and haven't taken the time to drive out there yet, even though I keep saying I'm going to.

Ohhhh, and I am going to need some dress up clothes for her, don't you think? I mean, come on, she NEEDS some here, right? I might have to hop on ebay now....


@sweetbabboo said...

Ooo, you're lucky to have a little girl to play with. You'll have so much fun being able to play babydolls, kitchen, and other girly stuff boys only play to please mom. (At least that's why my guy seems to...)Plus hair to style, woot!

Let's definitely try to get together at either Marbles or M of L&S. We are members at both now and things around here seem to be settling into a groove again.


Karen said...

The Durham Science Museum is right next to Southpoint mall! I have heard good things about it, too, but that's a bit of a drive unless you can make a whole day of it, you know?

Katie at A List Maker's Life said...

Well, of course, a little girl with long beautiful hair will need a princess costume or two for dressing up:) Have fun!