Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting Off Right

Well, the kids and I are both sick and I am so happy that my wonderful husband was here this weekend to help me with them; otherwise I might have died on the floor while the kids piled toys on me.

It is hard when multiple kids are sick, but worse when you are sick, too. We went to the doctor yesterday, and both of the boys have DOUBLE ear infections-ouch!

We are on some great medicine now, and spent a lot of time snuggling on the couch while Bill brought hot tea. My wonderful in laws happen to also be around Sat. and today for a previously planned visit, so it turned out even better, having a few extra hands around.

Having everyone here with me and the boys made being sick actually a little relaxing. I will have to plan these things more often.

So, I am starting off the new year right, surrounded by family and snuggling with my boys. Who cares if I have no voice and can't stop coughing; I'm on cloud nine.

Yes, the new year has started off perfectly.


Steve T. said...

Get well soon. What about the Sambucol? I'm assuming you have something other than cold/flu? I'm asking because I was going to but some, father of 3 here. I've tried Echinacea to no avail. Currently I drink lemon juice every morning, and take a supplement from Dr. Ron's. Get well!

A said...

get well soon Miche.I love the idea of snuggling inside a warm blanket and sipping hot tea and having someone take care of you ,sometimes being sick can have its own charms.But yes,I do hope you and the boys get well soon !!