Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Grateful

My friend, Heather, got to be a part of a video on how to teach your children to be grateful. The video is GREAT, so you should check it out:

What are some of the things you want to do or have done? Every year, our church raises funds for feeding and helping local people in need-and in the case of Haiti, sending food, resources, and personal help. So this year, we let the kids be a part of our contribution.

At first, it was hard for Little Dude to pick out things to give to children in need or food for those that are hungry. The one thing that helped him find it fun was we reminded him that we could buy more. We are blessed and can go to the store anytime we want. Others are cold and don't have beds tonight.

So, Little Dude helped me pick food out of our pantry and set aside some toys and books that we could give to those that need. We also let him and JR put extra money in the basket when it came around for Haiti donations, and we explained to them that this money was to help all the people that needed food and shelter after the earthquake. And we told him, that someday, if we need help, people will be there to help us. So as long as we are able, we need to do our part and do as much as we can to help. I think he understood a little and I think it made him feel good to know he could help in such a huge way.

When Little Dude and JR are old enough, we want to have them help with Habitat for Humanity, too. It is something I did while I was in college, and along with learning great skills, it really makes you appreciate what goes into a home and providing shelter for someone.


Caitlin said...

Dear Miche,

Will you please raise my children, when I have them? I think you're a rockin' mom.

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Catherine Anne said...

Thank you for this!