Friday, January 22, 2010

Help For Haiti

Did you know that many children in Haiti are fed dirt to keep their tummies from hurting, because there is no food? And that was before the earthquake.

You can check out the link above to see how to send aid to Haiti. The Red Cross is in desperate need of blood and platelet donations, as well as monetary aid to buy what is needed. You can contact the Red Cross at to see how to donate formula (though I think they will be best with already prepared formula, as who knows the conditions of the water there right now). There are also places where you can donate breast milk, like the Breast Milk Project: donations to this organization also help orphans and children of HIV mothers in areas where clean water is scare and disease rampant).

If you have been thinking about adoption or feel called to adopt a child, you can also see about adopting a child from Haiti at Bethany Christian Services at I believe they are in charge of the adoptions for the 53 orphans that just came from Haiti to Pittsburgh. You can contact Bethany for more information.

I'm sure you can also stop by any local church to ask about giving donations to Haiti.

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