Thursday, January 21, 2010

Potty Training The Second Child

Potty Training Little Dude was relatively easy-he has only had a handful of accidents in 2 years, including just wetting his bed once. The only issue we had was getting over his fear of pooping; which we have thankfully finally moved beyond. (yay!)

But with Little Dude using the potty all the time, it seems JR has been motivated to also sit on the potty. So, for the past 3 months I have actually be discouraging him from using it. (I know, I know, but I'm just not ready. And besides, he is JUST NOW starting to say a few words).

Anyways, today, JR adamatly wanted to use the potty, and since it is a rainy day, big brother has a cough, and I don't have much else to do today, I figured we would give it a go.

So, JR is wearing big undies today (which I discretely stole from Little Dude's drawer; if this goes well for the next few days, I'll get JR his own so we can avoid the "THAT'S MINE" issues)

JR is 19 months, but so far today has not wet his undies and has gone in the potty 4 times. Nice, so far. We will see how this turns out. In some ways it would be nice to be done with the diapers; however, THEN I will have TWO boys telling me they have to go potty while I'm in the middle of grocery store check out. Oh my.

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Alexandra said...

that is awesome! I have always heard that the first is the hardest and any more that come are easy because they want to just follow their older sibling. :)