Saturday, January 9, 2010


One of the best things about this world of blogging-and what keeps me blogging-is all the friendships I have made with amazing women/moms out there. I have "friends" all over the world, and we share our ideas, our failures, our days, our tantrums, our joys and when things get bad, we sweep in quickly to lift each other up.

But sometimes, worlds crash.

And there aren't words, thoughts, or deeds to do. What does one do, when the world collapses beneath a dear friend?

You can read what happened, at To Think Is To Create, simply because I can't bring myself to write it and I don't know that I should.

My dear friend, Arianne and I have never met in real life. But we read each other's blogs, help each other out with occasional comments, and work together with the One 2 One network. She hooked me up with the Blu-ray Snow White, even though I was officially too late to sign up myself. She knew what a Disney fan/freak I was and slipped me in for the review. We may have never actually talked, though hopefully someday we will, but I certainly consider her a friend. A friend who I've turned to for parenting advice, and who I've turned to for simple chit chat when the kids were driving me crazy. We've been corresponding since back in the day when I only had one kid. Back when I needed help adjusting to a baby and a move, Arianne was there to share stories and cheer me up.

But now, I don't know what to say, or do, and I have never wished so badly to be a real life friend. I wish I could hold her and hug her.

I'm thinking of you, Arianne.


Shell said...

What a great friend! I have found a few women who seem like my sisters through blogging.

Simpson5 Family Blog said...

I know it is very hard, but you can never say you ever know how someone feels after loosing a baby. After loosing two babies and how hard it was and even now being pregnant worrying everyday if something is going to happen. I know how hard it is to have lost a dear child. But, everyone goes through their trial differently. Like you said we just have to be there for our friends and let them know we are thinking about them, praying for them and also letting them know you are there for a shoulder to cry on.
You are a very dear friend and very sweet and care for everyone. Thanks for being such a great friend.

Nell said...

I was shocked and am still in heart ache over this!


Stephanie said...

So heartbreaking. I've been thinking about Arianne every single day since she lost her precious little girl...