Monday, February 15, 2010

Wash Them Grow

Not long ago I participated in my first "Twitter Party", and I must say, it was a little weird. I almost couldn't keep up with all the conversations going on, and I didn't know any of the people I was talking with except the MomSelect folks (who invited me to the party, by the way) so I didn't really say much myself (sorta how I am in real life at parties-I have to warm up to everyone first). Next time around I vow to jump in more.

Anyways, what exactly was the "Wash Them Grow" party about? Why, bathtime! I got to participate in a product testing for Suave kids, and felt very honored they wanted my opinion on the new kid's body washes.

Can I tell you I loved them? They smell oh so yummy, with scents like Berry, Strawberry, and they were gentle for eyes and skin with the Shea Butter and Aloe and the "Free and Gentle" one-which has no dyes, scents, or anything that might irritate your child's skin. Which if anyone has read my recent adventures with JR, you'll know he has some allergies, so the Free and Clear is a huge hit in my house now.

Both of my kids love bathtime any way, but they LOVED all the bubbles Suave kids body wash created and I loved seeing what the retail price was going to be. There is nothing tighter than our budget right now (OK, maybe my pants are tight, too, that's a post for another day) but seeing that I can get tons of bubbles, tear free and dye free gentleness AND great smells in a product created for kids (who become dramatically smellier once they leave the baby stage)for a super low price made me jump for joy!

And if you would like to win a some Suave products for your family, visit to enter.

You can check out the party at Twitter #WashThemGrow.

Some people "crashed" our Twitter party by sending and resending messages about how Suave isn't all natural and has chemicals in it-and yes, it does. As does many things. In fact, I am drinking a diet soda right now and I'm pretty sure the sweetener in it has is linked to cancer in lab rats-who ate pounds of the stuff. But the small amount in the occasional soda I drink? Not concerned. I should probably be more concerned about the amount of caffeine in the coffee I drink all day-and that is all natural.

Might I also say it makes my skin-and now my kid's skin-smell oh so good. And that is super nice with two very active, usually muddy, and very smelly, little boys in the house.

While I don't think Suave is offering anything extraordinary or out of the box new-after all, Johnson's baby washes have long been known as "tear free"-Suave IS offering another GREAT option for moms who want tear free body washes for our no-longer-babies-babies, great smell, dye free options that are gentle for skin yet CLEAN the MUCK off- and all without spending half the grocery money for it.

Thank you, Suave, for the great products and the budget saving prices!

**I was given Suave Kids body washes to test out for my honest opinion.**


Alexandra said...

How weird that people would feel the need to crash party!!

I am partial to more natural stuff myself, but you may have just convinced me to give this stuff a try! It could be our once-a-week stuff for fun bubbles!! :)

Lora @ Motherhood Moments said...

I love Suave stuff, too...especially for the kids! I haven't tried the body wash yet, but I love the shampoo.