Monday, February 8, 2010

First Day On The Job

Today is my first day as nanny to the amazing Emily. So far, no one wanted to eat the breakfast I made (granted it was oatmeal, but I did put brown sugar on it). I also already played with Emily's hair (yippiee!)

Right now everyone is playing super nicely. At the moment they are playing Little Dude's FAVORITE game-and my least favorite game-trash truck. It involves turning his bed into a trash truck.

Doesn't sound so bad, you say?

Well, part of being a trash truck is having trash, so Little Dude, JR and Emily are gathering all the toys in Little Dude's room and dumping them on the bed/trash truck. Always a pain to clean because it takes the kids FOREVER to do it. But, that is part of the deal, they want to play trash truck, there is no other fun until it is cleaned up, and they have to do it all themselves.

For the most part they do a fantastic job of getting things back where they go.

Anyways, the first day, so far, is going well. I can tell I'll be flying through the milk and bread, so today or tomorrow will have to involve a grocery run. We spent the weekend at my in-laws, and I failed to remember I would be going through the rest of our bread today just for sandwiches at lunch.

I'll let you know tomorrow how having three all day goes.


Alexandra said...

glad to hear its going well so far!! I like that you have the kids clean up....good training! :) And that game sounds like something my son would love!!!

Maria said...

I agree on that, it sounds like an interesting game :)

casual friday every day said...

I've recently thought about starting a preschool out of my home. I keep going back and forth on it...