Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm So Behind Now That There Are Three

Somehow, having three kids around during the day has more than quadrupled the amount of time to do anything-I greatly underestimated how much time, in fact, just getting out the door would take us.

After all, Emily is Ben's age, and up until now, I have been a record holder for getting the boys' shoes and coats on and buckled into the car. So I figured it wouldn't be that much more to throw one more walking, talking, capable child into the mix.

Boy, so far I have been wrong.

I suppose this is sorta what adopting a toddler would be a little bit like.

We are getting to know each other, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't for her, and I'm trying to keep up with the boys at the same time. Oh yea, and that little thing called my job, too. And this blog, though this is more fun parenting therapy for me than actual work.

So, for anyone out there-any advice on good, cheap entertainment for 2 and 3 year olds? I am going to get a membership to Marbles when we go in two weeks (unless that is a disaster, then I will never take the three kids there alone again...)

And I STILL have to check out the science museum in Durham-I have heard it is amazing, but somehow I just never get myself in the mood to drive out there with all three kids. That might be something I need to take my sweet husband to check out one weekend with the boys and THEN see if I could handle it with the three alone.

One great thing about three? The time FLIES. My days start early and end late, but I swear I have no idea where the time goes. It seems like as soon as breakfast is over and one activity of some sort is done, it is time for lunch and then naps. Whew!

Then by the time we all get outside to play or go for a walk, it is time for stories before Emily goes home-and Bam!, its 6pm. Crazy.

Oh, and now I have got to get to work; I am way behind. Thank goodness the kids are finally napping. Sigh.


Simpson5 Family Blog said...

We go to the Library for story time and craft time. Then we have a bouncy house right by our house that we go to once a week free and the other day if we go is $3. Then Chick-fi-la has toddler time twice a month. I believe it is the 2nd and last month at White Oak. I think we might go next week or I should say this week coming up. There are activities for atleast 2 days of the week and maybe three.

Alexandra said...

oh man!! you will get in a new groove soon enough :)