Thursday, February 4, 2010

Raising Two

Right now, my life is pretty busy.

We have a toddler who eats us out of house and home. Seriously. See his shirt?

Really though, JR eats everything in sight. I think he'd eat the baseboards if he thought we'd let him. The other day I was sweeping up food from the kitchen floor (You now know my kitchen floor has food on it. Yes, it often DOES) and he GRABBED something and ATE IT. It happen faster than I could think. How gross. (Mental note I need to clean the floor more regularly).

What else keeps me on my toes?

My adorable Prince Charming. (You can't see his shirt in this photo, but it does, in fact say, Prince Charming, so it is officially true.)

Little Dude gets braver and bigger by the minute and amazes me more and more with his worldly observations. Like yesterday, after I lectured him forever about how he shouldn't treat his toys badly because there are hungry, starving, cold people out there, he innocently asked me, "Momma, why don't we let them live here, then they can be warm, eat all the food and they can pick up my toys!"

So wise for 3.

Parenting is the best job in the world, and when it is done well, it is also one of the hardest in the world and I am glad for every minute, even the gross ones.



Caitlin said...

I like how Little Dude included "Picking up his toys" in such a generous statement. Always thinking ahead, that one.

Andrea said...

Boy oh boy are your boys getting to be so wise and older! LOL about the toys. It's going to be so much fun to tell AJ stories when he's older!

And I totally relate on the green eyed monster thing.

Anwesha said...

I love your parenting stories,I will need these in handy when I want to pass on some wise words to my little ones.
I am going to have to hang with the boys a lot when I get a chance next.Hope you had a good weekend!