Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sick Times Three

The day started off at 5:50am, with Little Dude coming to tell me he had thrown up in his bed. The poor little guy! So, I cleaned sheets, remade the bed, and he threw up again-in the bed.

So, we moved to the reading corner to sleep, while I put more bedding in line to be washed.

About that time, JR woke up coughing up his lungs.

Then Emily arrived, coughing up her lungs, though Little Dude was looking and acting all better.

I made fruit salad for breakfast, then Little Dude coughed so hard he threw up breakfast. The other two continued coughing, but I noticed JR was tugging rather hard on BOTH ears. Oh my.

By THEN, I was counting the seconds til the doctor office opened.

Going to the Dr.'s with three little ones was quite easy-they listened very well and we all held hands walking from the car to the office (and back). The triple cuteness got everyone's attention, so after a few hundred times of explaining how the boys were mine but the girl was a family friend (and actually having one old lady swear Emily looked like me (which is truly, crazy. The child is almost as tall as me already and looks just like her daddy). I finally gave up the long explanations and just started telling people thank you when they would compliment "my" three kids. That dramatically increased the slow pace we were making to the 4th floor Dr. office via the hospital lobby.

Anyways, once inside, I again had to explain that Emily wasn't mine (which did annoy me since I have been bringing my kids here every few months for shots, well visits, and sick visits for the past 3 years-shouldn't they know us by now? I miss our old doctor. Sigh.) Then I found out both boys have double ear infections again, and Little Dude might have a virus, too, since he is throwing up. (He also threw up on the floor at the office-nothing gets you in to see a doctor quickly like a kid spewing vomit in the waiting room).

Of course Emily wasn't seen; however, the doctor was nice enough to point out that since Emily is also pulling at her ears and coughing up a lung, she, too, is probably sick with the same stuff. Sigh.

So, today we have been pretty tame, and probably watched a little more "Chuggington" than we should have, but that is what sick days are for, right? Some toast, tv, and a big blanket (with buckets nearby, just in case).


Simpson5 Family Blog said...

I can only see it now going to the doctor with three. However, they do know that it will be mine. I know a lot of people adopt children that go to that doctors office. They probably just thought you adopted her. It also depends on what doctor you saw...
I hope everyone feels better in the house hold including Emily(your third child).
I am glad we did not schedule for a play date today. I do not think I could handle that sickness.
I just found out who Chuggington was over the weekend when I visited my parents this past weekend. That is what happens when you do not have a TV for a while.
We get a huge surprise on Monday. They are delivering our huge I mean huge trampoline. we are excited.

Caitlin said...

You are amazing. Vomit is the one thing I CANNOT handle. Even as a paramedic. If we had a patient who was throwing up, I had to drive the ambulance. Ick, ick, ick!