Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When to do Bunk Beds

My youngest will be 2 in June, and even though the boys have their own rooms now, I would like to give birth to or adopt a third child of our own someday in the future.

So, we are thinking of going ahead and moving the boys into one room, and letting them share bunk beds.

But I am wondering, when is a good age for sleeping on the top bunk? Little Dude will be 4 in September, and he climbs REALLY well-he can climb all the playground equipment with the best of the monkeys.

So I think he is ready, but I am a little worried about JR trying to climb up and getting stuck or falling off the ladder.

Are there certain types of bunk beds that have easier ladders, or brands that anyone can suggest for withstanding the play and sleep of two preschoolers? Does anyone even have suggestions on how to make this transition?

Should we have the bunk beds for a bit, with Little Dude on the bottom, before we move JR into the room and Little Dude to the top? Or should Little Dude always be on the top?

Any thoughts or advice?


Shell said...

We are going to get them for our oldest two boys soon. They are 5 and soon to be 4. But, I have friends who moved them much earlier. There are all kinds of bunk beds out there, it just depends on how much $$ you want to spend. But, I think as long as the top is sturdy and the sides of it are high enough, you'll be okay.

We actually saw some at Sam's Club that we liked

Caitlin said...

Have you ever thought of using bunk beds with stairs? I know he can fall off those just like with a ladder, but he is probably more *stable* on those.

I might also look for some that can be bunk beds and one day be converted to two twin beds. I don't know if they'll want to be 16 and 14 and still in bunk beds :)

Miche said...

OH, good point about having bunk beds that can convert; I haven't seen any yet that can, but I haven't asked either, so I will have to check into that! Great idea!

Alexandra said...

I was thinking the bunk beds that could convert as well. Maybe start them off as twin beds then make them bunk beds. Just to make the transition easier.

And this isn't a bunk bed but doesn't this bed look awesome?!?!?!

I so want to get it for Sweet Pea!!

Caitlin said...

those are the ones that initially gave me the idea. And maybe it would be better if the ladder didn't reach the floor? Little Dude would probably be tall/strong enough to use it, but JR wouldn't be for a couple of years.