Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zoo Pictures!

Yay, so my picture transfer stuff is all fixed! (Don't I sound so technical ya'll?)

Here are some great pics of Little Dude, Janet, her son Nic, and me at the zoo! Enjoy!!

This is Janet and Nic, he is exactly a year younger than Little Dude! Janet and I grew up together in the mountains and were in Marching Band together in high school. Wouldn't it be cool if Nic and Little Dude played in a band together?

Here is a pic of Little Dude and his fabulous Mama (Me!)

We are ready to start our zoo adventure! Doesn't Little Dude look so very cute? By the end of the day we came away with two sleeping kids, two very tired Mamas, and no sunburn! I did super good keeping the sunscreen on, we didn't even turn pink anywhere!

The ostrich was Little Dude's favorite animal. He got SOOOO excited to see it and kept doing the sign language for "bird" and quacking at it. (I just taught him that ducks say quack, and ducks are birds, so I guess in his mind all birds say quack now)

The African Elephant was my very favorite and we were super close to her, too! So lovely.

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