Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little Dude's Baptism

Little Dude was Baptized on Saturday and it was one of the most beautiful days ever!He was a little angel the whole time and made us very proud. No little demon toddler came out! Actually, ever since Saturday he has been a saint and even very happy about putting his hands together to pray before meals (usually he digs in while we pray). So, that has been a very fun development. I am greatly loving to watch my husband and son pray together, and really don't know what to pray for, except a great big "Thank you" to God for all the blessings I am getting to enjoy. (I am sure after JR gets here I will be praying for sleep....)

We had the majority of our family and friends there for the ceremony and after party and there really is no way to describe what a joy it was to celebrate the occasion with everyone that was able to come! Most of our neighbors came over with their children and Little Dude LOVED playing with all of them. In fact, when the last few kids headed home late in the night, Little Dude tried to follow them out and even said "bye bye" to me! Geeze. At any rate, he had a BLAST and that was the greatest thing to watch.

I have put a bunch of pictures in here for everyone; I hope you enjoy-now I am off to work on some Dakno and then hopefully get a short nap in before Little Dude gets up from his!

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Andrea said...

I felt so proud of my Popple and so happy to be there that day. I'm really glad we made it to the actual baptism, that was really special to witness and I even cried! The after party was a huge success and I really felt like family.