Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sippy Cups and Baby Plates

It is Works For Me Wednesday hosted by Rocks in my Dryer! This Wednesday I am going to share my find on baby plates and sippy cups.

As a new mom, I have probably tried EVERY kind of sippy cup out there, and none have worked. ALL have leaked. Even the ones that weren't supposed to leak, Little Dude would either shake and get the stopper out (like in the Gerber kind), or find a way to unsnap the lid (like on the toss and go kind).

But last month, I decided to try again at a new kind of cup. I splurged and went for a more expensive brand that only came in character themes (which is why I had avoided them, not because I necessarily didn't like the characters, but simply because I would be SO MAD if I paid that much for a cup and it leaked).

HOWEVER, I have GREAT NEWS to share! I have found a sippy cup that DOES NOT LEAK!! It is made by Munchkin and in the Dora or Diego themes! There are some different kinds: The ones with the straws leak when shaken, and the toss and go kinds my child could get the lid off off and shake to make leak. BUT the hard spout 9oz sippy cup is FANTASTIC!! It does not leak, and even though I have even tried to get the stopper to fall out, it does not!! No leaking of any kind AND it is dishwasher safe! And all the bottoms are interchangeable with other Munchkin brand tops, and vice versa! Nice!

Munchkin also makes some baby plates and bowels that are MICROWAVABLE and Dishwasher safe. The Microwavable part is what got me! I LOVE that I can put left overs on his plate, heat them up, and give them to him all without having to use something else to cut the leftovers on or heat them up on one of our glass plates!

All other brands I have looked at don't have microwavable plates and bowls, but for the little bit of extra money (the pack of 3 Munchkin bowls and plates was .85 cents more expensive than the next cheapest bowl and plate set at my Target). For .85 cents and the ease of heating his food on one plate and then throwing it in the dishwasher, it is well worth it! They come in cute fish designs or in the Dora and Diego themes.

At my local Target, the plates and cups are in the $7.99 range, and the cups you get two in a pack and the plates you get three each of plates, bowls, spoons and forks (spoon and forks I don't think are microwave safe, just to note).

Well, that is What Works for Me! I hope my information helps other people trying out different kinds of baby dinnerware!


The Wade's said...

Thanks for the sippy cup tip. I am always searching for the perfect sippy cup, and I have spent a small fortune in cups that guarantee not to leak, only for my toddler to figure out how to pour juice all over my floor. Thanks so much!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Yes, we used to use those cups and they worked great!


The Preacher's Wife said...

I loved those sippys...sadly though we have graduated from them..

Thanks for visiting my blog today!


Julie said...

Playtex cups have always worked for me. I love the insulated ones, so milk doesn't spoil if it doesn't get back in the fridge right away.

I love the tip about the plates and bowls. I hate that kids dishes are not microwavable so I will be looking into getting some of these!!