Monday, April 14, 2008

no pictures yet

Well, I tried to put zoo pictures on my computer so I could transfer a few good ones to my blog; however, I was kind enough to let some friends that were over for the weekend use my computer and now the printer (HP Photosmart I love) says there is no connection for the images to get downloaded to the computer...SOOOOOOO I will have to bug my brother in law John to fix whatever he, Dakota and Alan did to my set up.

Yes, I know, I am pretty computer illiterate. I did try looking at the wires to see what was unplugged and try to plug it in, but really, I see NOTHING that is it must be connected in the wrong spot? I any case, all I can do on my blog today is ramble.

Actually, I will let you know about the zoo. It was FABULOUS! Little Dude LOVED it. His favorite animal? The ostrich. Who would've guessed? We got to get super close to the African Elephant (which is RED!) And to the Chimpanzees! Super super fun!

I was going to put up pics sooner, but I was so tired on Friday that I couldn't even think past cleaning the house for the weekend.(We had a ton of house projects and friends coming over all weekend, also super fun!) Aversboro Zoo has tons of hills! And keeping up with Little Dude while 6 months Preggo was super hard (and I am super out of shape!Walking around the zoo with both kids will be a good workout next fall!)

Alright, I guess that is all for now, I will make sure John helps me when he gets off work to fix whatever he and the guys did on here so I can get pictures up for you all!

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Andrea said...

You weren't the only one who had the messed up computer via Alan, John and Dakota. They un-installed my toolbar on the internet and erased several favorites on my favorite list. I understand your minor irritation. :)